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"Julia was able to capture my grandfather in drawing perfectly. She was able to get it completed and framed before my fathers birthday. Thank you Julia!"

Evan Loring - New Hampshire

"We are fortunate to own several original Julia Walker paintings. She has a wonderful eye and has captured my children's likenesses perfectly- always with a whimsical touch that highlights her magical style. We adore seeing our children as if they were characters in a book (each of her paintings tells a story) and shall treasure these memorable works of art all the more as they grow."

Kate Lunz -Colorado

I’ve always admired Julia’s art as she has a style that is all her own. My first piece was an ocean print and it’s a beautiful addition to my guest room. Next, I asked her to create Christmas cards for me and I received many compliments. My husband built a large pole barn and looking out the kitchen window, I imagined a big, beautiful sunflower smiling at me everyday. I contacted Julia to come take a look and see if it was something she’d like to tackle.
She was immediately excited and not intimidated by the large scale at all, 26 feet is up there! She came up with the perfect sunflower and even incorporated the names of my grandchildren into the mural.
I assumed it would take a few weekends to complete but Julia works so fast, it took 2 weekends. It was amazing to watch her paint this mural and the end result is so beautiful. Every season brings a different backdrop but the vibrant colors of my  makes for a sunny start to my day.
So, if you’re looking to create a happy, colorful mural, contact Created by Julia Walker.


Sandy Johnson

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