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Poppies in the Hallway

What does a painter do when they finally own their own home? Why, paint on all the walls of course! Here is a mural I painted of my favorite flower ( Icelandic Poppies) in the center of my home.

I started this mural by sitting in a chair and staring at the wall (what I like to call being a puddy- for all my fellow seinfeld fans out there) to envision all the possibilities. When I am settled with an idea I would like, I sketch out the idea a few times on paper until I get the composition I like. Then I begin to replicate my sketch on the wall. Once my lines are placed, I begin to paint in the base colors for my flowers, like a giant coloring book. Once that is complete, I go back through to add detail. I will continue to stare at the wall throughout the process to make sure I like how it is turning out. It is important to step back to see the full image especially when you are working on such a large scale. I am very happy with the end result. My house feels warmer, happier, more inviting and uniquely me. See the video below to watch the process for yourself!

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