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Get to know Julia

If you are unfamiliar with Julia, you would be able to pick her out by her soil stained knuckles, paint stained clothes and unkempt hair. As one may guess from looking at her, she spends most of her time in garden beds or painting, and has never mastered the art of hair styling.

Born and raised on the coast of Maine, Julia spent most of her overall wearing, freckle - faced years outdoors. She formed a love of nature and her fondness is reflected in her paintings. She creates whimsical worlds that make you want to stay and visit that painting for a while.

Julia had an interest in art at a young age. Her parents fostered and encouraged this interest throughout her life. In 2012 Julia graduated from Plymouth State University with a B.A. in studio arts and earned a Studio Art Award. She worked as a nanny after graduating in 2012 and pursued art on the side over the next 7 years. Her art work grew larger and larger and soon she began painting murals. Julia is happiest when painting on walls and listening books on tape, podcasts and Stevie Nicks.

Julia invites you all to get to know her personally. Give her a call and plan your painting with her today.

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